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Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
ROAD Networks - Road of Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division - IVAs on 31/10/2018
Sl. No. Name Of The Road Category Length in Km. Remarks
1 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg(A.G square to Acharya Vihar square) M.D.R 3.511
2 Road from Acharya vihar to NALCO via Sainik School M.D.R 3.141
3 Vir Surendra Sai Marg (Road from NH-5 to back gate of Sainik School via V.S.S Nagar) M.D.R 2.175
4 Patel Marg ( Institution of Engineers' to R.N Singdeo Marg) M.D.R 0.896
5 Science Park A.P.R Building Road M.D.R 0.889
6 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg to Janapath -Link road-1(Side of Red Cross) M.D.R 0.909
7 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg to Janapath -Link road-5(Checkup clinic to Rohini Resort) M.D.R 0.893
8 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg to Janapath -Link road-9(Nicco Park Junction to Bayababa Matha Unit-IX) M.D.R 0.886
9 Jawaharlal Nehru Marg to Janapath -Link road-10.Unit-IX-(Regional College to Rupali Square) M.D.R 0.882
10 Abhimanyu Samanta Singhar Road M.D.R 0.888 renaming the rd. vide W/D not. No.10260 dt. 06.07.2017 , earlier name was Jawaharlal Nehru Marg to Janapath -link road- 12 (Anand Bazar to R.D.Women's college )
11 Internal road unit-IV, Bhubaneswar M.D.R 5.933
12 Internal road of Madhusudan Nagar, Bhubaneswar M.D.R 2.89
13 Internal roads Unit-IX (Road Zone) M.D.R 11.382
14 Internal road of Unit-9 (Flat) M.D.R 4.948
15 Internal road of Sainik School M.D.R 6.533
16 Internal road of 7th Battalion Campus M.D.R 2.928
17 Road from N.H-5 to Kanpur (Right embankment Kuakhai) M.D.R 11.961
18 Road from NH-5 to Naharakanta College(Left embankment) M.D.R 2.828
19 Internal road of Rajbhawan (colony & campus) M.D.R 5.112
20 Internal road of Saheed Nagar at BBSR M.D.R 2.670
21 Nicco Park road O.D.R 0.858
22 Internal road of Drugs Control Inspector Campus O.D.R 0.253
23 Internal road of F.S.F O.D.R 0.257
24 Internal road of Blind & Deaf School ,Hostel campus O.D.R 0.794
25 Internal road of C.E,N.H. & R.D. Office Campus O.D.R 0.353
26 Internal road of R.D.Women's College Campus O.D.R 0.71
27 Road from OMFED chhak to Press chhak O.D.R 1.450
28 Road from C.E (RD) office to R.N. Singh Deo marg (Front of Girls school unit-IV) O.D.R 0.880
29 Road connecting Acharya Vihar to Sainik School road to Jaydev Vihar Nandakanan Road via OPGC colony, Sham Sham Dham and JK Paper limited office O.D.R 1.428
30 Road connecting Door Darshan Chhak to Jaydev Vihar to Nandan Kanan road via IOUT Council of Higher Education and Survey of India office. O.D.R 1.122
31 Road connecting Jaydev Vihar Nandan Kanan road via Pandit Nilakantha College of Library and Swosti Plaza O.D.R 0.977
32 Road connecting back gate of Coal India staff Qrs. to OPGC Colony side road O.D.R 0.255
33 Road connecting to Swosti Plaza from road to front road of JK Paper via survey of India Colony, IIT Kharagpur Extension counter and Regional reference Standard laboratory O.D.R 0.255
34 Internal roads to New AG Colony O.D.R 3.212
35 Road connecting Survey of India front road to Nandan Kanan road via RW Division office O.D.R 0.432
36 Road leading by the side of IGNOU to park side gate O.D.R 0.131
37 Road to Mahavinayakpuram, Patia from Nadankanan road in Ward No-2 ODR 0.419 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013
38 B.T road from Patra Square side to HIG-II/184, Kananvihar in ward No-2 ODR 0.531
39 Hanspal - Banamalipur to Abhyamukhi road(N.H.-5 to Jayadev Pitha) ODR 36.706 Tr. From R.D. Dept. vide W/D.Notification No.4007 dt.
40 Road from ROB-188 Saheed Nagar to Janapath via Maharshi College. ODR 0.929 new rd. given by div. of lane status 13-14 but no data frm LASA
41 Road from Kanan Vihar Phase-II backside towards Patia college ODR 1.578 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013
42 Internal road in Blind School Campus Unit-IX (Road Zone). ODR 0.225 New rd. given by div. IV
43 Internal road inside Capital High School in Unit-III. ODR 0.150 New rd. given by div. IV
44 Internal Road near C.H.C Area ( VR-1/1 to VR-2/2) Link Road No-1 ODR 0.320 New rd. given by div. IV
45 Internal Road in Unit-IV(Backside of Chancellor Hotel) ODR 0.155 New rd. given by div. IV
46 Road from back Gate of Sainik School to Railway Stadium ODR 2.201 New rd. given by div. IV
47 Road connecting from Main Gate of CHSE Building to Back side gate of CMPDI Colony. ODR 0.235 New rd. given by div. IV
48 Internal road unit-IV, Bhubaneswar (MLA COLONY) ODR 0.474 New rd. given by div. IV
49 Road from Patia Chhak to Patia Village (Sandha Chhak) ODR 1.060 Tr. From H&UD Dept. vide W/D.Notification No.5438 dt.05.05.2016
50 Road from Durgamandap to Mancheswar through Sameigadia Club in ward No. 3 ODR 2.386
51 Road from NH-5 Pahala Chhak to Jaypur & Johala ODR 3.122
52 Road from DL Colony near Sainik School Gate to Dhirikuti Basti in Ward No. 12 ODR 1.269
53 Road from Patia (Purusottam house to Damana Siba Mandir in ward No.-II ODR 1.168
54 Santha Bhima Bhoi Marg ( from Nandan Kanan Road to Jaripatna via Injana). ODR 4.633 Tr. From R.D. Dept. vide W/D.Notification No.5438
05.05.2016 & named as Santha Bhima Bhoi Marg vide W/D Notification No. 11677 dt. 02.08.2017.
Total 143.183
State Highway S.H 0.000
Major District Road M.D.R 72.255
Other District Road O.D.R 70.928
Total 143.183
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department