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Works Department
Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
Road List - Road of Jeypore (R&B) Division
Sl. No. Name of the Road Category Length in Km.   Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
1 Borigumma-Raniguda road. SH-48 18.000  
2 Papadahandi-Umerkote-Yerla road. SH-39 67.500  
3 Umerkote-Raighar-Kundei-Likma road . SH-40 55.500 Upgraded to SH from MDR vide W/D Notification No.5605 dt.24.05.2013.
4 Jeypore-Kotta-Malkangiri-Motu road.(0/0km. to 14/0km.) SH-25 14.000 Upgraded to SH from MDR vide W/D letter no.11998 / 01.11.2013
5 Jeypore-Phampuni road. MDR-110 14.000  
6 Bye Pass road from Christianpeta junction upto Panchanan Temple. ODR 1.650  
7 Approach road to Jeypore Air Strip. ODR 2.000  
8 Main road from old bus stand upto Palace Junction. ODR 1.210  
9 Jayanagar-Dangarpaunsi-Kundra road. ODR 23.000  
10 Jeypore Irrigation Colony Canal embankment Bye pass road. ODR 1.550  
11 Borigumma-Kamta-Kumuli road . ODR 19.000  
12 Borigumma-Bhairav Singhpur-Tarabhatta road. ODR 24.000  
13 Bhairav Singhpur-Ranigeda road. ODR 14.000  
14 Haradaput-Kusumi-Kotpad road. ODR 37.000  
15 Papadahandi-Kodinga- Kossagumada road ODR 32.500  
16 Nabarangapur -Rajada-Kossagumada road ODR 39.000  
17 Nabarangapur -Dohana-Digasalpa Project road ODR 27.810  
18 Pujariguda-Anchalaguma-Kantagoan -Maidalapur road ODR 29.000  
19 Umerkote -Chandahandi - Malgaon road. ODR 61.000 Transfer from R.D. Dept. vide W/D Notification No..10485 dt.
20 Dhodra-Singsari road. ODR 15.000
21 Road from Welcome Junction to Mahatma Gandhi canal Junction. ODR 1.300 Transfer from H.&U.D. Dept.vide W/D Notification No.4770 dt.4.5.2011
22 Nabarangpur to Khatiguda road. ODR 36.00 Transfer from Energy Dept.(OHPC) vide W/D. Notification No.8332
23 B. Singhpur to Murandam road. ODR 14.00 Transfer from Energy Dept.(OHPC) vide W/D. Notification No.154
24 BT road from Panchanan Temple junction to Laxmi panda Chowk (Connecting to NH-26) via Jayanagr Chowk and AIR Road ODR 1.90 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013 
25 NKT road from Kondra Sahi Chowk to Govt. High School Chowk connecting to NH ODR 1.30
26 Kenduguda Square to RD road via Telephone Exchange ODR 1.00
27 NAC Office to RD road via Bondaguda ODR 1.00
28 NH-63 Kusumi Square to Bondaguda ODR 1.00
29 PWD road to mixed firm via Zonal Hospital ODR 1.00
30 Jhikar Mill to RWSS Office, China Market ODR 1.00
31 Nuabandhu Sahi NH to Nuabanda Mother drain ODR 1.00
32 Mangalam timber to Gandhi Nagar ODR 1.00
33 M.G Road (PWD Road) Starting from Bell road Junction to Vijayawarda Ranchi road via Indra Junction and Kumbhar Street to Bye pass road via Satigada at State Highway (Malkangiri road) via P.H.D. Office to main road (PWD Road) via Trimurty Club to Irrigation Embankment via Parabeda ODR 5.000 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.1847 dt. 18.02.2014
  Total   563.220  
  State Highway S.H 155.000  
  Major District Road M.D.R 14.000  
  Other District Road O.D.R 394.220  
  TOTAL   563.220  
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department