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Works Department
Works Department
Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
ROAD Networks - Road of Cuttack (R&B) Division
Sl.  No. Name of the Road Category  Length in km. Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
1 O.M.P. Square - Bijupattnaik Chhak via Howrah Motor MDR-77 5.846
2 Howrah Motor Shelter Chhak via Buxibazar, Choudhury Bazar,Nayasarak,Chandinichowk. MDR-77 4.908
3 Ranihat HighCourt via Dolamundai, Khannagar & Kathajori Embankment. MDR-77 4.538
4 Gopabandhu Chhak Chandinichowk via Sekh Bazar. MDR-77 1.982
5 Buxibazar Bidanasi Bandh via Chandi Chhak, Kanika & Shelter Chhak. MDR-77 3.927
6 Gopabandhu Chhak Samaj Office. MDR-77 0.771
7 College Square Sikharpur via Bombay Hotel. MDR-77 1.857
8 Mangalabag B.O.S.E. MDR-77 1.091
9 Kanika Chhak Gopabandhu Chhak via Indoor Stadium MDR-77 1.759
10 Fly Over Jail Road via Chhatrabazar, Mahatab road & Seminary Chhak. MDR-77 3.468
11 Improvement to 24 Mtr wide road connecting B.M Park to mahanadi Embankment in between Sector-8 & 11 and Sector-9 & 10 CDA Bidanasi, Cuttack ODR 1.232 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013
12 Improvement of 24 Mtr wide road in between Sector-9 connecting Sector-6 & Sector-10, CDA Bidanasi, Cuttack ODR 1.003
13 Improvement to 18 Mtr wide road in Sector-9 connecting Sector-6 and Sector-10, CDA, Bidanasi Cuttack ODR 1.273
14 Eye Hospital to Sector-6 Market complex ODR 1.483
15 Piligrim Main Road from college chhak to Chhatra Bazar culvert ODR 0.773
16 Sati Chaura Chhak to kathajodi ring road via Windsor palace ODR 0.815
17 Road from Over Bridge college gate to Station Bazar. ODR 0.505 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.7712 dt. 18.07.2013
18 Bidanasi municipal colony road from Bidanasi Bandha to Sovaniya Sikhaya Shram and continuing C.D.A. Sector 10. ODR 1.927 Tr. From HUD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.10772 dt. 01.10.2013
19 Four lane road from Mahanadi Embankment to Kathajodi Embankment via Biju Pattnaik Park ODR 0.823 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4007 dt. 03.03.2014
20 Jay Prakash Narayn Park to Plot No.1348/22 in Sector-6, CDA ODR 0.426 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.7353 dt. 12.06.2014
21 Kalyan Mandap to Joint Venture Project with Bhawani Construction in Sector-6 CDA ODR 1.319
22 Road connecting from Plot No.D/212 to C/452, D/596 to D/1110, 1223 to 1521, 1565//20 to 1405, C-1377/3 to 1568 (Bus Stand) Sector-6, CDA ODR 1.622
23 Road connecting from 201 to 434,887 to 878, 1088 to 1112, 1236 to 1222, 1389 to IPSAR Sector-6, CDA. ODR 1.099
24 Road connecting from D/52 to O.S.H.B ring road in Sector-7, CDA. ODR 0.316
25 Road connecting from D/1 to D/63, E/140 to D/62, Police Station to C/47, D/120 to D/258, D/130 to G/23, D/168 to G/134, D/197 to G/265, E/309 to G/395, GH-6 to D/257 in Sector-7, CDA ODR 3.937
26 Road connecting from Ring road to 81-1-521 (P) in Sector-8, CDA ODR 0.306
27 Road connecting from H.I.G. Group Housing Plot 727 to 84C/759 in Sector-8, CDA ODR 0.180
28 Road connecting from 841/521 (P) to 81K/2 Kalyan Mandap in Sector-8, CDA ODR 1.163
29 Road connecting from Group Hosing Plot 737 to 84B/759, 739 to 84B-740, 84B/723 to Group Housing 754, 719 to 713, 83/472 to 83D/473, 82B/445 to 82F/395, 81C/41 to 81C/10, 81B/46 to 81C/13, 81GH-C/1, 81GB/B/D5 & P/U81-P/352 to F/108 in Sector8, CDA, ODR 1.471 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.7353 dt. 12.06.2014
30 Road connecting from 84-I/521 (P) to 84GH/51, 84 (C )/759 to 84P/656(P)/UP/U81/P/7 to 81GH/8 ODR 0.331
31 Road connecting from 84-I/521 to 1LB/2(P) Joint Venture Project CDA & Bhwani Construction in Sector-9, CDA ODR 0.821
32 Road connecting from 6B/1159/17 to 7GH/1160(P) Social Forest Division in Sector-9, CDA ODR 0.555
33 Road connecting from 2C/166 to 2B/106, 3C/254 to P/U Pump House, ILB/2(P) Joint Venture Project CDA with Bhawani Construction to IB/15, IB/91 to IB/15, 3E/402 to CAT-3G/296, 5B/913 to Collectorate Housing Co.op Socity 5GH/515 and 5B/294 to Petrol Pump 5 commercial/838 in Sector-9, CDA. ODR 1.839
34 Road connecting from 1B/3 to 1B/105, 1C/70 to 1C/63 & 1B/6, 1C/72 to 1C/90, 1C/44 to 1B/9 & 1C/376GH/1150 C23 to 6GH/1150 C/32, 6F/1001 to 6F/1019, 6F/1071 to 6F/1085, 6C-1159/1, 6C-1159/16 in Sector-9, CDA ODR 1.141
35 Road connecting from C/98 to 10-1-P/U-516 Kalyan Mandap, 10-5-P/U1276 to 10-6M-1619 (P) in Sector-10, CDA ODR 0.362
36 Road connecting from 10-1C/45 to 10-1C/, 10-1-C/551 to 10-1-B/552, 10-1-B/58 to 10-1-F/292,.10-6-C/1583 to 10-6-CM/1627 (P) and 10-3D/1206 to 10-4D/1245 in Sector-10, CDA ODR 1.193 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.7353 dt. 12.06.2014
37 Road connecting from 10-1C/75 to 10-1C 59 to 10-1F/125 to 10-1-D/95, 10-1-F/167 to 10-1-F/232, 10-1. ODR 0.616
38 Institutional road connecting from 11-4-1-1372 to 11-4-B-1472/1 in Sector-11, CDA ODR 0.374
39 Road connecting from Public Utility place from Plot No.11-2-P/U-781 to 11-2-P/U-1107 in Sector-11, CDA ODR 0.478
40 Road connecting ring road 11-2D/221/36 to 11-2B/1087, 11-2D/782 to 11/2D/253, 11/2C/1086 to 11-3C/1337, 11-3C/1362 to 11-3B/1336 and 11-3HC-1114 to 11-3C/1362 in Sector-11, CDA ODR 2.000
41 Road connecting from 11-1D/70 to 11-1D/74-11-1C/66-11-1C/44, 11-1D/78 to 11-1D/121 to 11-1D/114 11-4C/1471 to 11/4C/1445, 11-4C/1454 to 11/4C/1447, 11-4C/1399 to 11-4C/R-1407 and 11/4C/1398 to 11-4C/1392 in Sector-11, CDA ODR 0.894
42 Road along with side of petanallah from Satichaura road to Kathajodi Embakment near Sluice Gate in Sector-11, CDA. ODR 0.448
43 Naraj Project Road from Naraj Barrage to Sandhapur via Sri Sri University. ODR 3.839 Tr. From W.R.Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.2594 & 2621 dt. 27.02.2015.
44 Roads in CDA, Bidanasi area of Sector-6 & 11 ODR 49.800 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.5569 dt.06.05.2016
Total 116.511
State Highway SH 0.000
Major District Road MDR 30.147
Other District Road ODR 86.364
TOTAL 116.511
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department