Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
ROAD Networks - Road of Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division - V
Sl.No. Name Of The Road Category Length in Km. Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
1 Khandagiri to Chandaka Road.(Khandagiri to kalinga Studio square) (0/000 to 3/700 Km) MDR 3.700
2 Old Cuttack Ganjam Road ( Chandaka Chhak to Pitapalli) (8/200 to 30/435) (As per approved jurisdiction chainage of Chandaka Square is at 8/200 km) MDR 22.230
3 Khandagiri Udaygiri Peripherial road(road from Kolathia Chhack to NH-5 via Craft village and Sivananda High School) ODR 3.202
4 Road from NH-5 to Chandaka road via- Tapoban High School ODR 0.945
5 Road from Khandagiri cave to Sivananda High School ODR 0.906
6 Road From Fire Station to Munda Sahi ODR 0.903
7 Road from Naka Gate to Kateni. ODR 8.791
8 Road from Bio Tech Farm to Daspur village ODR 2.735
9 Internal Road around E and F type quarters at Baramunda ODR 1.049
10 Internal Road in Baramunda Housing Board Coloney. ODR 4.681
11 Road from NH-5 JN to (Fire Station) Housing colony Baramunda to Ruchika Market ODR 1.070
12 Road from Kalinga studio to Nuagaon via Sum Hospital. ODR 1.896
13 Baramunda Bus stand road (Entry into & Exit from) ODR 0.311
14 Internal road of ROTI, Gothapatana. ODR 1.193
Total 53.612
State Highway S.H 0.000
Major District Road M.D.R 25.930
Other District Road O.D.R 27.682
Total 53.612
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department