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Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
Road of Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division - I
Sl. No. Name Of The Road Category Length in Km. Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
1 Janapath from Rajmahal square to Vanivihar Square M.D.R 6.500  
2 Mahatma Gandhi road and Gopabandhu Marg (Station  Square to 120 Battalion.) M.D.R 2.400  
3 Housing Board Square to Convent Square (Madhusudan Marg) M.D.R 0.950  
4 Rabi Talkies to Tankapani road M.D.R 3.500  
5 Bidyut Marg(Governor House to 120 Battalion.) M.D.R 0.800  
6 Rajpath (A.G.Square to Kalpana Square. Unit-II,side) M.D.R 1.800  
7 Arovinda Marg (Unit-III) O.D.R 0.850  
8 Convent Square to Satyanagar Level crossing O.D.R 0.800  
9 Utkal Automobile to Sriya Talkies road in Unit-II O.D.R 0.850  
10 Internal Roads in Unit-II O.D.R 13.500  
11 P.M.G Square to Old Bus stand,Unit-II O.D.R 0.770  
12 Internal road in Unit-III O.D.R 16.330  
13 Internal road in Unit-V O.D.R 9.800  
14 N.H.-5 to Jayadev Pitha  O.D.R 22.000  
15 Jharapada-Koradakanta road. O.D.R 5.800  
16 Road behind Secretariat (Rajiv Bhawan side to O.M.C.) O.D.R 0.700  
17 Road behind Secretariat and O.L.A. O.D.R 0.300  
18 Road from back side of Secretariat to Power House Junction. O.D.R 0.600  
19 Back side of H.O.D.Building and Main Approach of Nirmansoudha O.D.R 0.850  
20 Road from side of H.O.D. Building to back side of State Guest House. O.D.R 0.450  
21 Internal road inside Secretairat including Red building  O.D.R 12.200  
22 Internal road inside O.L.A. O.D.R 6.300  
23 From NH-203 Via Laxmisagar to NH-203 (Loop Road) O.D.R 4.000  
24 Road from Rasulgarh Chhak to  Hitech Medical college O.D.R 2.480  
25 Road from Ganesh Mandir Chhak to Hitech Medical college O.D.R 2.720  
26 Road from Sri Devi Chhak to Tankapani road. O.D.R 1.400  Transfer from . Municipality Dept. vide W/D Notification No.14158 dt.27.09.2009
27 Road from right embankment of river Kuakhai(Hitech Medical college to Lingipur Bridge) O.D.R 13.000  Transfer from W.R. Dept. vide W/D Notification No.13908 dt.26.10.10
28 Road from Kalpana outpost to Jagannath Ashram via Badagada Brit Colony. O.D.R 2.400  Transfer from H.& U.D. Dept. vide W/D Notification No.14895 dt.22.11.10
29 Road from Plot No- A-1/2 to Plot No- 123 in Ashok nagar O.D.R 1.000 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013 
  Total   135.050  
  State Highway S.H 0.000  
  Major District Road M.D.R 15.950  
  Other District Road O.D.R 119.100  
  Total   135.050  
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department