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Works Department
Design Planning and Investigation & Roads Wing Er. Om Prakash Patel ( C.E. ROADS)
Road of Bhubaneswar (R&B) Division - I As on 31/10/2018
Sl. No. Name Of The Road Category Length in Km. Remarks
1 Janapath(Rajmahal square to Vanivihar Square) M.D.R 4.041
2 Mahatma Gandhi road and Gopabandhu Marg(Station Sqr. to 120 Btn.) (Station Square to 120 Battalion.) M.D.R 1.772
3 Madhusudan Marg(Housing Board Sqr to Convent Sqr.) M.D.R 0.896
4 Dibakar Marg(Rabi Talkies to Tankapani )road M.D.R 3.936
5 Arovinda Marg (Unit-III) O.D.R 0.904
6 Mother Teresa Marg (Convent Square to Satyanagar Level crossing) O.D.R 1.194 Rd. named as Mother teresa road vide W/D no.11086 dt. 03.09.2016
7 Road from Utkal Automobile to Sriya Talkies O.D.R 0.747
8 Internal Roads in Unit-II O.D.R 9.185
9 Road from P.M.G Sqr. to Old Bus stand,Unit-II O.D.R 0.715
10 Internal road in Unit-III O.D.R 7.987
11 Internal road in Unit-V O.D.R 1.84
12 Jharapada-Koradakanta road. O.D.R 2.835
13 Road behind Secretariat (Rajiv Bhawan side to O.M.C.) O.D.R 0.7 Road Not surveyed as it was stated as closed in Vision 2020 document provided in 2011
14 Road behind Secretariate and O.L.A. (office Of Chief Electoral Office To Main road ) O.D.R 0.204
15 Road from back side of Secretariate to Power House Junction. O.D.R 1.013
16 Back side of H.O.D.Building and Main Approach of Nirmansoudha O.D.R 1.618
17 Road from side of H.O.D. Building to back side of State Guest House. O.D.R 0.45
18 Internal road inside Secretairat including Red building O.D.R 2.12
19 Internal road inside O.L.A. O.D.R 0.848
20 Road from NH-203 Via Laxminagar to NH-203 (Loop Road) O.D.R 1.975
21 Road from Rasulgarh Chhack to Hitech Medical college O.D.R 2.542
22 Road from Ganesh Mandir Chhack to High Tech Medical college O.D.R 0.592
23 Road from Sri Devi Chhak to Tankapani road. O.D.R 1.378 Transfer from . Municipality Dept. vide W/D Notification No.14158 dt.27.09.2009
24 Road from right embankment of river Kuakhai(Hitech Medical college to Lingipur Bridge) O.D.R 12.893 Transfer from W.R. Dept. vide W/D Notification No.13908 dt.26.10.10
25 Road from Kalpana outpost to Jagannath Ashram via Badagada Brit Colony. O.D.R 2.448 Transfer from H.& U.D. Dept. vide W/D Notification No.14895 dt.22.11.10
26 Road from Plot No- A-1/2 to Plot No- 123 in Ashok nagar O.D.R 0.876 Tr. From H&UD Deptt. Vide W/D notification No.4911 dt. 03.05.2013
27 Road from Bhubaneswar Railway Station to NH-203 (Road No. 2 & 4) O.D.R 1.116 New road data given by Divn.
28 Road from Bhubaneswar Railway Station to NH-203 (Road No.1,3,5&6) O.D.R 1.028
29 Road from Master Canteen to Railway Station O.D.R 0.63
30 Defunct NH-316 from Ch. 0/000 to 4/250 Km O.D.R 4.25
31 Internal road in BJB Area, Bhubaneswar(Lane 1 to 9) O.D.R 1.602
32 Internal road in Kalpana Area, Bhubaneswar(Lane 1 to 5) O.D.R 1.151
33 Internal road in Museum Area, Bhubaneswar(Lane 1 to 6) O.D.R 1.239
34 Both side Daya West Canal embankment road at BBSR. O.D.R 15.548 Tr. From W.R. Dept. vide W/D.Notification No.13908 dt.26.10.2010
35 Jagannath Nagar Main road (Jagannath Avenue Apartment to GGP Bridge) of "Bhubaneswar Municipality Corporation(BMC)". O.D.R 1.414 Tr. From H&UD. Dept.
W/D no.13526
Total 93.687
State Highway S.H 0
Major District Road M.D.R 10.645
Other District Road O.D.R 83.042
TOTAL 93.687
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department