Works Department
Works Department
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Shri Naveen Pattnaik
Works Department
  Govt. Office Orders
Deployment Order of AEE Dt 10.08.2018 View File
Er. Prasanta Kumar Sutar , SE O.O dt 02.08.2018 View File
Voluntary Retirement of Sri Subhendu Ku Ray, EIC View File
Posting of Promoted AEE dt 23.03.2018 View File
Quotation Call Notice for Office Stationary View File
Office Order No.14018 dtd.05.11.16(Black spots) View File
Office Order No.5622 dtd.07.05.16 View File
Office Order No. 9264 dtd 10.08.2015 View File
Office Order dtd. 07.08.2015 View File
Office order-1 dt.13.07.2015 View File
Office order dt.13.07.2015 View File
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department