Works Department
Works Department
Works Department
Research Development & Quality Promotion Wing Er. Bishnu Charan Majhi (C.E. RDQP)
Sl. No. Name of the Test Unit Testing Charges in Rs. Remarks
BRICKS (I.S.1077-1970 & I.S.3495)
2.15 Shape & Size Per Set 315.00 One set consist of five samples having same mark and reference.
2.16 Water absorption/Tiles Per Set 630.00
2.17 Compressive Strength Per Set 674.00
2.18 Efflorescence Test Per Set 315.00
STEEL (I.S.432-I) (I.S.1786) (I.S.2890) (I.S.2751) (I.S.1785, Pt.I)
2.19 Size and weight Per Set 236.00 One set consist of three specimen of same dimension and reference.
2.20 Tensile Strength (I.S.1600) Per Set 709.00
2.21 Bending (I.S.1589) Per Set 709.00
2.22 Shear Per Set 709.00
2.23 Size & Shape Per Test 236.00
2.24 Vertical Compressive load Per Test 709.00
2.25 Bending of Large Beams Per Test 709.00
Works Department
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Works Department
Works Department